Friday, January 23, 2009

For the next Week or So

This is a very good picture of my knee.

I had not seen my "Prosthetist" (Proths) in over a year. There were no problems with the "Operation" of my knee and leg. There were some problems with the fit of the leg, but not terrible. Anyway yesterday went for a visit. I need a new upper piece the "Socket" of the leg. However I was explaining a "Kinda" problem... Should have kept my mouth shut!! Since the adjustments we made helter skelter now I have a MAJOR problem with the knee.

I had the worst fall I have had since I've had a prosthetic right there in his office. Then we kinda fixed it. Off I went.

Got home all confident again. I then head for the mail box and have slant down on the driveway and on third step down DOWN I go. That was third or forth worst fall I've had. So I got mail then went in the house.

I got the instructions on the knee while I was at the Proths office. He did not have one but he downloaded one off line. Something I could not do, I've tried, but I am not a registered Prosth. So I began to read. Made an adjustment. Tried the slope again fell on last step before the sidewalk. I was ready now tho and managed to save the fall and recover.

After 3 attempts I set all the adjustments to "Default" settings. In the instructions it says after default there are at least 3 more adjustments to be made before I leave the Proths office. LOL I am home remember. 2 of the adjustments require a Proths to watch from my side "A side view approx 3 mtr away" to watch when the knee breaks in relation to my step and foot leaving the ground and foot impacting the ground. I wont wast time explaining the other 2 views minimum to leave the Proths office in the first palce. Well I am pissed!!
So today I go back and we shall do it right.

I have fallen 2 more times here in the house and I am being very careful. I have fallen more in the last 2 days than I have since I lost the leg.

Damn I was doing so well before too. I got company coming too.

Well off to my appointment.

Posting from here on out to Fri of next week may be a tad light. A great friend,from Reno and old Army buddy, is coming to visit. He, John is bringing his youngest born, Brenden, often called 'Mr B", with him. His son is a first year college student. I will get plenty of pictures, and try to post a couple a day.

Obamanized ;^) LOL


chessie said...

That Rat Bastard Proth...Pissed? Let me tell ya Pappy...that SOB would have an ear full if...aww what the hell Pappy...frustration. How do you cope with such indifference?
Well, I'll raise a glass and salute your Miltary buddy and you...have a wonderful upcoming week.

Webster World said...

Well good luck on getting your leg straightened out. It looks as Branden is a very good scout. I'm sure he will carry that out into the would.

Pappy said...

There were 1.5 million people at the inauguration and only 14 missed work.

LOL I saw that just as I was opening this site.

Well I went to the appointment, and I still wish I hadn't said anything the first time. My Prosth put me with a trainee, also ex Mil a young guy lost his leg in a M/C accident with an Illegal. We went step by step on adjustments.

The most significant was he lowered my toe. So now part of my problem is I will have to relearn the balance point tipping point. I don't know.

Thanks for your concern.!!!