Sunday, February 1, 2009

Sunday Brunch and a Thought

WoW the last couple 3 days have been just beautiful. Some friends of mine went to Crystal's yesterday. Gal named Crystal owns the bar we are looking at here.

This place is way the hell out there in the desert.
A spring and an old mine. A couple NV Brothels.

Now it is just a few desert rats.

She is very bike friendly. Several years ago Crystal bought 5 or 6 trailers and set them up out behind her Bar so when folks have too much they can flop there for a very reasonable tip.

Anyway the weather and news some friends went there just brought some cool memories of how much I rode. I would go out there in the middle of the week and be the only bike in the lot. Enjoy a meatloaf sand witch, sit on the patio and enjoy the space and desert breeze.

Then hop on the iron mule and ride on a very good highway with little or no traffic for miles and miles.

This weather always brings those memories.

90 MPH on Hway 95 between Indian Springs and Mercury (NV Test Site).


chessie said...

I love you, Pappy.

chessie said...

I really like coming back to this particular blog reminds me of the good times. Makes me warm and fuzzy all over...and that's a nice feeling.

Webster World said...

I'll bet the Cherry Patch is an interesting Ranch:) This is a damn good looking bike.