Monday, February 23, 2009

Who is the THIEF ?

I wonder what all the guys who worked on that house think.

The guys that laid the brick on the front wall. The guy who put the windows in, the doors, or the floors. How about the plumber and the electrician. The cabinets and all the kitchen counters.
Are all these guys to work for free?
How are they going to put gas in their car?
What are their families going to eat this week?


chessie said...

Pappy, this stuff really burns me up. If you buy a home, get yourself into a mortgage that is gonna balloon in five something you can't afford at the time you buy the house, chances are you won't be able to afford the balloon in five years.

You’re an ass for getting yourself talked into something like that...and losing something that really was never yours in the first place isn't that great of a loss.

Stop breaking into the property of others...(it was never fully hers,) and get a grip on reality.

The people of this nation do not owe you a home of your own. You have to earn that, with your own money, your own sweat, your own work ethic.

If you lack any of these, and you lose the opportunity to make the home yours, than take your lumps and quit making me (US TAXPAYERS) pay for something YOU WANT....AND SOMETHING I don't have, and will never have, because I'm a realist, and know better than to let some lender talk me into something beyond my financial means.

Oh don't get me started, I maybe poor, but I'm not stupid, and I'm pissed I am being told to help pay for the stupidity of others...oh I'm pissed now Pappy, you shouldn't have got me started.

Pappy said...

Well let me keep that fire going!!

We need to voice our opinion this time...

No silent majority anymore.

Webster World said...

I e-mailed WHNN-FM and they brought you up on the radio show. Internet news they call it. Johnny Burke(sp) and the morning crem:) He said he liked what he saw. Hates whats happening.

Pappy said...

Wow well thanks Webster. I do really believe we need to be heard. Our point never relay got to the surface last election, and we will find it very hard to express it if the libs are not slowed down.