Sunday, February 22, 2009

Obama's Hidden Agenda, 3rd week in Office Review

Obama's Hidden Agenda, 3rd week in Office

3 Executive Orders
1 PresidentialNotice
1Presidential Proclamation

All without any Fanfare... No official notice on any of those like a Press Release on or in the Daily Press Brief.

Do you know what any of those were, or what they might mean financially?

You have to ask yourself WHY?

Last Friday was a very interesting day in the markets, I will watch them carefully next week and report on Sat or Sun.

We get a TAX plan next week from "O", although now we seem to have expiration date on every statement or plan.

No wonder the markets are in a state of chaos. We have no plan and we seem to change our mind every day.

I could put a picture in here to explain that, next week I will...

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