Sunday, February 15, 2009

Porkulus Catastrophe

Barack Obama said it was dire and we would have a catastrophe if it was not completed. The Democrats said it had to be done. They were so hasty, looking out for you of course, that they broke their promises to post it on the web (5 days from Obama and 48 hours from Congress) for review. It had to be done right fricking now. So the bill was delivered near midnight on Thursday and voted on Friday.

Not one member of Congress read it. No one had the time to read it even if they wanted to.

The votes were cast by people who have no idea of what the complete bill contains. The Democrats said it had to be done quickly and so they broke their promises and voted. The reason it had to be done quickly is so that Nancy Pelosi could board a jet and travel to Europe. She will get a little business done while sightseeing at taxpayer expense. It also had to be done quickly to keep the public from seeing too much of what was in it. The Messiah "O" had a date in Chicago on Sat. night.

Here it is Monday and the bill is not signed yet.

Now if it was so important to vote without reading then why not sign it and get the money flowing?!!!

The only way we the Citizen can get a copy of the Bill is a PDF file form. So we can not even search the bill with word search or any other search system. We have to read it to see what is in it.


Glen said...

It had to be passed or else.

Just as Tim Geitner had to be confirmed immediately. It doesn't matter if he is a tax cheat. He is the only person in America qualified to be treasury secretary.

So what if he had no answers at his press conference last Tuesday? Geitner will save the world.

Webster World said...

The mascot gave me one hell of a laugh. Thanks