Sunday, February 15, 2009

How long will it Take?

Basic economic analysis of the $780 billion stimulus package indicates that the plan is to socialize the US economy. The Obama Administration backs it up by replacing the existing legal tender called "the dollar" with a new kind of motivational currency called the "Thank You Sucker" (TYS) notes, which would flood the markets and stimulate the economy without causing inflation.

Obama won the election with a rhetoric that skillfully replaced the words "socialist revolution" with the word "change." Now he is skillfully replacing the word "recession" with "catastrophe." The next logical step is to keep the economy running by replacing "dollar" with "thank you."

Lets All Sing Along


* Obama, Man! (Spiderman)
* World of Next Tuesday (The Rolling Stones)
* Red Zeppelin: Stairway to White House
* Red Zeppelin: When the Halo Breaks
* Am I Experienced? (Hendrix)
* 'Bamic Election (Manic Depression - Hendrix)
* Obamachine (Maybelline - Chuck Berry)
* "Speed Racer" as "Obama"
* The ACORN (The Raven - Alan Parsons)
* Barry Obama (Lady Madonna - The Beatles)
* Pie in the Sky (Alan Parsons)
Thanks Red Square...

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