Friday, February 20, 2009

Is it Friday yet?

This is a flower I left out yesterday .... Seems to reflect some of the yellow from the center to the very Bright White pedals kinda neat.

Here is my water bottle....

I will take some more of those 2 trees again in a few days....

Just a day or 3 after the bees wander around the tiny little leaves develop.

Whew!!!! this tree had so many bees I was worried I might disturb them.

These are not as well developed still dark brown

As they develop and the bees show up, the buds change from brown to green. You can't see them all in this tree but I would gamble to say there are over 100 bees in this tree. Here is 1

Here you can see the whole tree. What initially caught my attention was the hummmmmmmmm of the Bees.

Then the tree will develop almost black buds, as the develop they turn brownish green and the Bees show up.

Yesterday as I was walking in the park I stopped on a bench and chit chated with a lady about to give birth however still walks every day. As I was chating I noticed the Blooms and Bees.

Notice in the center of this picture the limbs are quite bear.

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