Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Wendsday Waddel

Do You get the Idea?

The Left may think Rush is just an entertaining loudmouth, like Bill Maher or Jeanine Garofolo, who don't come within a stone's throw of Rush's IQ. Not so. Rush is a political philosopher and a devastating wit in the Burkean political tradition. That's our conservative tradition, which places its trust in human intuition, the profound, tacit wisdom that most of us share. (Unless it's been beaten out of you by an Ivy League education).

Why it is intuition so fundamental? Because all human beings are experts at life. And like all experts, most of their knowledge is intuitive, not something you can write down into a large tome like Das Kapital. Edmund Burke noticed with remarkable insight that French politics of the Revolution was run by intellectuals, who tried to reason out every step of the process. The result was an utter disaster.

After the Terror, with heads tumbling from the guillotine, Napoleon rose to power. He proclaimed himself Emperor -- are you listening, Obama? -- and led Europe into the most destructive continental war in two centuries. The Napoleonic wars were the first real wars. What Burke understood is that the intellectual arrogance off the French revolutionaries led straight to disaster. We have seen that pattern over and over and over again since that time. Hitler was an Austrian intellectual, who wrote his manifesto in jail. Lenin was a Russian intellectual. Marx was a German intellectual. Have we a similarity here yet? Obama ... yes.

Burke's intuition ism is an extraordinary political philosophy. Historically it has been far more humane and successful than any airy intellectual confections whipped up by the French pastry chefs of revolutionary academe. Compare Winston Churchill to Jozef Stalin -- another intellectual who lectured the world on linguistics -- and you get the idea.

Obama appoints Rush Limbaugh leader of the opposition

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