Monday, March 16, 2009


Here they are together ready to hop in the car and drive back to L.A. , we had a good visit.

Eric is a lineman in L.A.. They were both in their 40's and childless when they got married. Pretty cool couple. I am a tad prejudiced LOL

Here is my Sister Pam she is the baby of the family and lives happily with her hubby Eric in Thousand Oaks California.

They were here for a pool tournament at the Riviera Hotel on the strip. They didn't do too well this year, just had some fun with pool buddies from several states.

Here is their dog Gwen

My sister has been here since last Tue and left this morning so I have been a tad light on posting.


chessie said...

The puppy don't want for toys...what a lucky dog...

Webster World said...

Family first. Glad to hear you had the time with them. I did wonder, missed a hit about O's promise and AIG still got the bonus.

Pappy said...

Well Thank you guys ...

You kept things going with

Anonymous Kaleokualoha

so I knew you were entertained.

Next time I will give a notice.

I appreciate you folks noticed!