Sunday, March 29, 2009

If you have 10 minutes it is worth the time...

We have complained in the last couple weeks about the Bailout Bill. 1,500 pages and not a 1 senator had read it all but signed it as did the President.

This 10 minutes should be required viewing by ALL. So we all can see what we have done to our nation in the last couple elections.

As I said Friday...
“Power Corrupts, and absolute power
Corrupts Absolutely.”

Where will we go from here?

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Jules said...

We start by having thousands of people voicing their opinions at a Tea Party Protest, then we follow thru on our promise to WATCH our Representatives in DC...and if they don't vote as we have asked them to vote, then we follow thru again and vote them out!!!!!!!

We MUST follow thru!