Thursday, December 18, 2008

Today's Thought...on Global Warming

A rare winter storm swept through Southern Nevada Wednesday, dumping the most snow on the valley in nearly three decades, grounding flights at the airport, forcing the closure of major highways and closing schools for today.

"This is the most snow we've had in Las Vegas in almost 30 years," said Chris Stachelski, a meteorologist with the National Weather Service.

Snow snarled major mountain highways and even dusted Malibu on Wednesday as a cold storm hit parts of California. … Styming thousands of commuters and travelers, snow shut Interstate 15 over 4,190-foot Cajon Pass east of Los Angeles and roads through the San Gabriel Mountains connecting metropolitan Los Angeles to the commuter suburbs of Palmdale and Lancaster in the high desert to the north.

Now 15 is closed to West bound traffic at Prim. I don't have any pics over there.

The Aztec Sun God has a tad of Las Vegas Snow accumulation on him.

I caught a few there LOL!!

It was funny I was trying to catch the damn snow flakes in the air, but they were too much water and falling too fast. But I kept after it LOL

We had a little SNOW here in Vegas yesterday. The monuntains are pretty. I am sure this is a product of Global Warming.

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