Tuesday, December 2, 2008

A Thought for a Walk LOL

Another thing I found interesting was that several trees of the same kind are losing their leaves at a dramatically different rate. Now why is that? They all have endured the same summer and fall.

Weird ha?

Wow yesterday had a wonderful walk in the park. I did a mile then rested a good while then worked on a hill. I have a pic of the hill but I don't the pic does the hill justice. I also did some steps work. They don't have a guard rail so I have a problem going down. I will take pics of the steps today.

As I was going thru all my regular News spots I ran across a news story that the Mayor of Birmingham,AL was snagged by the FBI as he went to work yesterday morning. Then of course the AP story went on to say why. Well I did a little search and found several stories on the subject but not a one mentioned he was a Democrat.


Now why is that?


It seems to me we can safely presume there are no Republicans involved in the Bank and Home loan meltdown. If there were he would have been lynched by now.

It is such a crime the way the press handles all the news in such a slanted corrupted way.


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