Friday, December 12, 2008

Old Times

I had an ole Biker bud drop a line. I have not heard from her in a very long time. She took this picture at 90 mph on 95 North about half way to Indian Springs. I think that was a Wed morning about 9 am. Pretty weather and an empty highway.

We went to: Crystal Springs and the Short Branch

I bought Ches a long sleeved white "T" shirt with a similar picture as this.

We had brunch with Crystal the owner. Meatloaf sandwich as I recall. Again,weather was just great, the Highway was in good shape and empty so we just cruised at will. Was a great couple hundred miles. We did that for 2 or 3 days 5 or 6 Hundred miles till Chessie had to leave to make a Rally some damn where. Somewhere in Utah as I recall.

Well Chess is having a tad of a sad time at the moment. So anyone stopping by here stop by Chess and say Hi!!! Merry Christmas.
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Another of our Stops that day

A day or 2 later we took a quick short run to the damn. The weather lady was calling for 35 mi per hr winds. So we met like 6 am and headed for the damn. Anyway after running a bunch of foreign folks off my bike she shot this one.

We were off the road by 9am that morning. We had covered a couple hundred pretty miles by then and had the Iron Mules safe in the barn before the wind got too bad. We caught some of the wind right before we got to the barn. Had a tassel with a big rig and you know who wins those. We gave way and put em away and called it a day.

I use this one all the time for me and my bike.

Put some of that in your book Chessie...


chessie said...

Thanks Pappy,
I remember that day! We had quite a laugh about how fast we were riding! The cross winds were a bit daunting...but damn, if it wasn't a great time!

I wish I could have gotten that picture of that bike run that we kinda merged with while riding that week...that was quite a sight! about that jerk off trucker who cut you off and swerved off into the junk lane...throwing up the sheet of aluminaum that was about three feet long and 1 foot wide? Just missed ya...damn sure glad I decided to back off so the both of us could getta that idiot's way...aren't you?

Thanks for giving me a little help up from the dark sure is nice to see some daylight,
Love ya,

Pappy said...

Hey the Trucker day was the day we went to the Damnnnnnnnn
Where is the picture of the guy repelling down the face of the damn? You took that one on the run too!!

I will post the Damn pic here in a minute.

chessie said...

That was one heck of a great couple of days! And yes, those times (some of em) are expected to make it into the book...the names will be changed to protect the guilty...

It was a great couple of days out there in Sin '05.