Sunday, December 14, 2008

Health care for illegal immigrants

Health care for illegal immigrants cost the Texas government and local hospital districts $678 million in a year, according to a new study that state lawmakers hope will show the federal government how much Texas is spending in uncompensated care for illegal immigrants.

The study, by the Texas Health and Human Services Commission, estimates that $597 million of the total was spent by 94 public hospitals during fiscal 2005-06.

The remainder, about $81 million, went to the state’s contribution to emergency Medicaid, which pays for emergency medical care for things such as childbirth, and to the Texas Family Violence Program, which funds shelters, 24-hour hot lines, counseling and other related services. That figure is from fiscal 2006-07.

Duh.... take that cost out of the hospitals cost and insurance might be one hell of a lot cheaper!
I will see if I can get the numbers for Nevada.


chessie said...

Pappy, I don't have health insurance. Did you know, when I go to the doctor or the ER, that my bill is going to cost me almost a third more than it would a major insurance company?
Here's what I have found:
"The difference between self pay and insurance is the amount the hospital discounts up front. Hospitals contract with insurance companies to be a participating or preferred provider. Part of the contract is agreeing to automatically discount their rates. In discounting their rates for that insurance, they are hoping that the members will use their facility more. Some contracts give a percentage off the top, some give rates based on procedure code, some discounts are based on category (E&M, Surgery, Diagnostic Testing, etc) These discounts are taken 'off the top' and deductibles, coinsurance/copay's are based on the amount AFTER the discount. If your total is $1000, contracted 30% discount, and a 10% copay here's the formula: $1000 - 30% = $700 $700 - 10%= $70.00 Patient owes $70.00 With no insurance you owe: $1000. So in some way, yes, you do pay more without insurance. You are not eligible for the discounts, and therefore are billed the entire amount."

So we...the uninsured, are placed the burden of covering the discounts the insurance companies receive and enjoy.

Yes, the insurance companies are more likely to pay on time and in full than me...and no, the medical community is not able to add interest to the unpaid portion of my bill...but sure would be easier to pay if I had 30% taken off the top...just like the first rate citizens who can afford a good insurance company.

I will not apply for social aid. I try my very best to take care of my own obligations...without asking/demanding my government take care of me. I'm single, white, over 50, below 63, have no dependents, and I earn below the standards that are used to measure poverty in America.

I am a full time care giver for my elderly Mom, I am not married (but I do have a boyfriend,) and I work for myself out of the home.

I know today's blog is about the American Taxpayer being burdened by the illegal's having their babies, and taking advantage of our health care system and laws...but it goes hand in know when I go to the ER, I am looked upon as a lower denizen then the illegal? Life sucks, and then ya die.

Pappy said...

Well what would you have the Hospital to do?

What would you have the Ins Co. do?

What would you have the Dr. to do?

What would you have the Gov't do?