Saturday, December 13, 2008

I am an American, a Conservative, a Republican, , and a Christian

Now that the election is well behind us, as I have seen written several places, now comes the hard part for The Messiah Obama. Up until now he only had a campaign to win; now he has a country to lead.
It is my belief that he will lead it very poorly. In fact, I think one of his lasting accomplishments during his four years in office will be to make the Carter presidency look better.
For better or worse he will be America’s president, which means he will be my president. I am sure that I will disagree with nearly everything he does. Still, I respect the office and I will strive to show that respect to the office holder. A pet peeve of mine is the bad habit that has developed over the past eight years that doesn’t recognize that respect. It will be my goal, here and in private, to once he has taken the oath of office to show the office respect. Not as a sign of agreement, but as a show of the high esteem I have for the office of President.
That being said, I will use my small platform to speak out against those things that I will inevitably disagree with. I will fight for what I believe to be right. And after what is bound to be a historically short pause I will fight to help conservative men and women become elected. Twenty-four months of President Obama working with the expanded majorities in Congress could make that easy.
The biggest myth of this election is that our country will be united under Obama. That isn't going to happen. It will seem so because it's our side on the other side and we won't be making films about Obama while he is in office distorting his words and bashing him. We won't be drawing pictures of him with monkey ears and calling him Obamahitler like the other side did. We won't have people running up to Obama's Sec. of State with 'blood' on our hands like Code Pink did. We won't parade paper mache` images of Obama and Biden in prison uniforms down streets of our towns.
And one thing is for sure. The classy and gracious staff of Pres. Bush won't be pulling the "O" off all the computers and vandalizing offices like the Clinton staff did. The Bush family won't be stealing furniture from the White House either. You won't have country music artists slamming Obama on foreign soil or agreeing with our enemies about how awful he is.

It will seem better because of the class of Republican Conservatives. However it will still be as divided as before because …
57 million of us voted against President Elect Obama.
I am an American, a Conservative, a Republican, , and a Christian and I am damn proud of it. So bring on the insults, I will still emerge victorious. Our ideology and vision is so completely opposite of the Liberal Democrats and nothing is going to change that.

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