Thursday, December 25, 2008

Merry Christmas to All

Merry Christmas All. Recently I have been walking in the Aliente Casino. It is .8 of a mile if you walk on the outside walkway all the way around the Casino floor. The scenery is quite nice and changes every day as the folks change. No problem finding a seat.

Last few days have been very tough on walking. R/Leg has been going numb and it takes a long sit to recover. Until yesterday I have been just pushing thru it. At about the 1 mile mark it gave the impression it was normal and as long as I stopped every 1/4 mile or so it would recover fairly quickly. I could then go on until I just wanted to call it a day or walks end. However yesterday at about ½ mile I was numb from but down in R/Leg. I pushed on to 1 mile and found a very comfy chair in the Sports Book.

After what seemed ½ an hr sit my leg felt normal. I went for another .8 Mi to check and all was ok but the first ¾ was a bitch. I will make sure to keep this in my log so I may tell the Doc if it continues.

Well had to take a break there. Bird in oven. No grill this time. Figured I could use the oven to warm the place up.

Made a mincemeat pie last night. I have a pumpkin too got it from the Aliente` Casino. Free gift for all.

Well I think it is time to change temp on Turkey, so I will get after that and go for a walk.

Merry Christmas, Bless you All

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