Saturday, November 8, 2008

Saturday Morning

Again congratulations President Elect Obama.

All in all I have had a good week. Tue. I did not make my time and I was a tad disappointed, then Wed. I didn't even make the whole 2 miles due to wind and I was under dressed and wimped out. But Thur I got back on track and closed the week out with a nice new time to try and meet next week. I will cover the crisscross paths of the park and the flora. Have a nice weekend.

This is the North 1/3 of that workout area. You can also see the metal benches located around this area.

This whole area has a rubber based floor so if you fall it is a softer landing. I need to be careful walking on it not to drag my left foot. It will catch on the floor and I will trip. It has happened a couple times however I have managed to catch myself.

You can see the 2 concrete benches here and around others activities areas they have the metal benches. There is a central workout activity area that has many workout stations. Here you can see 4 of the workout stations.

As you get around to the West side and going up to the North they have these setups, with concrete picnic tables and benches, grill and trash can. There are also several plain benches also located around activity areas. So I am never too far from a resting point.

There are several of these nice little picnic set ups with a table and grill and trash can located around the South end of the loop.

Of course some illiterate teen had to deface the sign. The outside loop at this park is right at a mile. There are several different ways to make it around the park if you like. I do.

At least I have been eating a good breakfast most every day. The addition of the pomegranate has been a real treat thanks to Anna. I have really had a good time at the new park.

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