Monday, November 10, 2008

Is it Friday yet?

Happy Birthday Marines!!

It is also my sister Pam's birthday. Happy Birthday Pammy !!

Yesterday morning I was invited to join a couple of very pretty young ladies for breakfast. They had planed on going to jump out of airplanes, however the weather did not allow,high winds and scattered showers. They were both very unhappy,they both just love the sport Sky Dive!!

Here is Skydive Kate
Her real Boyfriend Eric just got back from Iraq. Welcome Home Eric!!

Vegas Girl was worried she didn't have makeup on she was going Skydiving not out in public so I will honer her vanity. However she is quite cute even without makeup.

Today was a tad cool in the morning for my stroll. But I managed to knock out 2.1 miles. Hands got cold.

The park was very empty compared to last Friday.

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