Saturday, November 1, 2008

Morning Stroll and a Thought

Had a splendid stroll yesterday morning. I feel enormously better doing 2 miles on the clock. I have so much more left for the rest of the day. I am not just totally used up.

Actually after my stroll I sat and chit chatted with several customary park regulars. They walk their dogs a little then sit at a picnic table and discuss things in general. Some bring seat pads and pads for the dogs to sit on. Even snacks that they share with each other.

Then after a little rest I went to the place where there is a sidewalk between the ball fields. It is genuinely steep. The steepest 250 yards I have undertaken to date. I stood there gazing up the hill fairly long before I went for it. I made it and did it without as much difficulty as I had expected. You can kinda see the hill in this picture, you can see the edge of the sidewalk in amongst the trees. Yahoo !!! When I got to the top I went to a bench between the 2 ball fields and relaxed a while before I took off for the rest of the day.

I will look for another park to evaluate for the next couple weeks.

My thought for the day is… It just baffles me that the Democratic Party could even nominate Senator Obama to be their Presidential nominee. I just can not fathom this nomination.

I got an e-mail that was titled 143 days. Then there were 3 pages of examples where a person could not get a particular job. I think the first example was a manager of Mc Donald’s. One could not be manager of a Mc Donald’s with just 143 days of experience at a McDonald’s.

Now I realize that is not a real comparison however just take a short shallow look at Obama’s experience. 143 Days in the US senate a term in state senate, several years as a neighborhood organizer. Neighborhood organizer = Neighborhood Agitator.

We could debate that for hours, but think about the responsibilities required to be one. None of those jobs in the last 15 years of his experience required him to work within a budget. None of those jobs required executive decisions. Every job spent someone else’s money. TAX Money !!

So if the person you are about to hire has no executive experience and no experience of working within a budget then you would look at who he hangs out with. I will just name three but I could name ten of the top of my head, and I can not think of one that I would EVER call a friend.

Rev. Jeremiah Wright, I won’t go on but a second or two. I am sure most have seen him in the news. He is full of hate and content for America. Watch this 1 minute you tube and I will leave it at that.

The next Tony Rezco convicted felon. There is a great deal more to this relationship than is know to the general public, but you don’t have to hunt very hard to get the information. Just check Obama’s house loan.

The last is Bill Ayers. When he is ever brought up, what you hear is that Obama was only eight years old. That does not fit! You have to wonder about the intellectual integrity of the person that says that!!! He murdered folks and got away with it. On September 11th 2000 he stomped on an American flag for a picture and an article telling how he was guilty but free on a technicality, and wished he had killed and bombed more. Obama was more than just neighbors and casual friends. They were on the same boards together as late as 2007. Here is 5 minutes worth I could easily give hours worth. I could write a book, hell there already are several. This is only one of at least 25 terrorist connections. But one should be enough. What really gets me is how this relationship is just blown off by educated Americans.
Here watch these 45 seconds… a real Patriot, with great friends and so damn much experience, the Democratic Party has chosen him to represent them as the President of the United States of America.

Will America?

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