Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Troop Surge

When the Democrats think that West Point is the "Enemy Camp"

you know the country is in trouble

Chris Matthews: West Point is the "Enemy Camp"


Webster World said...

Love the lighting cross. Wrong? I don't know. I do know that Obama was pretty subdued realier in the week when on tv and saying he may do it. I think he was that way as he learned just like in the movie Mr. Smith goes to Washington that life is not what it seems. No Dr's can't heal all sickness. And for the most part the Hill is as it is. His own party behind closed doors told him how it would be. We can't just up and leave. We did that and the world would be up in arms at leaving that country hanging. One has to join the real world. I think Omama just learned something. I'd like to think he got his head out of his a## but that probaly won't happen. One thing I have not seem is Nancy...GOOD. Can't stand her.

Pappy said...

Heyyyy Webster how are ya? Wow I never noticed the Cross, Bless you Web! How was your Thanksgiving?

Webster World said...

Thanksgiving day was grand. Great feast and family. Went to my sissy's home. Still think I need to cook a turkey. Did not get enough. Yours sounded good. Thank you for asking.