Tuesday, December 8, 2009

I Know I have been slow... Sorry

I would like to say hi to a special friend of mine Anita. She and her husband Mike live in Panama. Mike (Rabbit) is an old VietNam Budd. Anita went back to Florida, for Thanksgiving and visited her Mom. She sent me a couple pics.

Here is her Mom with her 2 best friends.
She will be visiting Panama soon. I hope to get some pictures of her visit.
If I do I will post them too.

Isn't she Beautiful!

Here is Anita with 1 of her Mom's hound dogs.
Don't they Both look Beautiful and happy?

Well it is the season, and I have been dealing with heath issues, and sure enough the weather finally cooled off and it has been cold and windy.

I know CHEAP excuses. I will try to get back after it.

It appears as tho I will have to have my curated arteries, yea both of em,reamed out hear soon. I will put a notice that I will be off for a few days with an expected return date.

Soooo back to current. Mr Winter showed up. It has been 40 ish degrees in the mornings and lately there has been a wind out of the NW to go with it.

Forces me indoors for my daily stroll. I should go to the mall and take pictures of pretty gals shopping, LOL.

I need to get back after it. I have gained 5 or 6 lbs I want to rid so I will put in the effort right now before it gets out of hand.

I will get some pictures to go with the work. I will stop by the coffee shop and get a few there too.

1 comment:

chessie said...

I've been negligent in checking in with you lately Pappy.
The "dusting and cleaning" of the arteries sounds painful. Heal time on that? I'm sure it will affect the socket exposure...how long off your feet?

God bless ya sweetie...do hope your gonna be in short recovery and on the old feet in record time.

Get yer ass to the mall big guy...chase the cuties...just don't let Paul Blart, Mall cop catch ya!