Monday, December 28, 2009

Newsweek loves Obama, "Like God."

If Newsweak Were Any Sappier, They'd Blow Their Noses with Pancakes

In the real world, Obama has run up the largest deficits in American history, spent a trillion dollars to create double digit unemployment, made the terrorists and mullahs laugh out their turbans at us, and bumble-f-ckedhealth care to the point where only the most ignorant members of the public support it.

Newsweek is a gush-fest for the Obamas and a two-seconds hate for all who criticize them

Naturally, the people who dare criticize Captain Wonderful are attacked. Glenn Beck is a "weepy wingnut." Sarah Palin is a "flip-flopping quitter." Dick Cheney is a hypocrite.

You can understand why Newsweek is in a death spiral. Why spend five bucks at a newsstand to read what Huffington Post and Daily Kos put out for free?

Thanks Moonbattts...


Webster World said...

Makes one sick to the stomach. I guess we need to start meeting in pubs, under trees, in homes and do what our forefathers had the BALLS to do. We need to reclaim this great country.

Pappy said...

Whew, hope it doesn't get that far along.
Happy New Year web