Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Have a Great Thanksgiving

Hiway 95 North of Vegas headed to Crystals for Brunch.

Pick a Cherry on the way?

The Power of a Butterfly

This look like a Limo to you?

Aint I "Sexy"

Take a break

So peaceful and cool just a perfect riding day.

I happen to be wearing the white long sleeve "T" from the Short Branch Saloon, as I am writing this.

Off to the Coffee Shop check the seanery and have a good cup with a few Vet Buddies.

You ALL have a great Thanks giving


chessie said...

Thank you Pappy for Thanksgiving wishes.

God bless well...and hopefully you and I will be riding once more side by we did that day.
Love ya,

Pappy said...

Thanks Chess I love those 5 pics.

As I recall a couple days later we bout got took out by a tractor trailer.

That Turkey was 2 years ago. I am gonna rotisserie one this year.

I will try to take a couple pics.

Love ya best to you and those with ya Pap

IowaHarleyGirl (Stephanie) said...

Wishying you a very Happy Thanksgiving Paps! :) Big Hugs!