Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Guard Cat LOL

I was given a blanket made by "Moms for Peace"

Ole Guard Cat Romeo found it right away.


Retired Army Dog
He always says Hi to me in the park

A pretty cool cloud early morning, "Sailing" over a Sail sign.



chessie said...

Pappy! I missed this about you! I absolutely love when you mix and match your photos like this...YOUR BACK!

(Oh and the OBAMA supporter who drove into the the water to launch his boat...well, I can only think it's not too strange for the intellect of that sort....

Pappy said...

I still can' walk... Like 150 200 yrds and I gotta stop. I called talked to the doc he said I expect too much too soon. I am taking it easy for a week. Get back after it next week.

Here I will add one for you.