Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Tuesday Trot LOL ...

I got a late start on morning stroll this morning so I took some pictures on a couple of the plants I see in this little park. I go to this park often.

I have an appointment with Physical Therapy today to do a little work on stairs so I have been working on them every other day for a week or two.

I got em down pretty good!!

Anyway we will also tune up my knee with the computer and see if I need any adjustments on the internal computer and hydrological assistance system.

This leg keeps on impressing me. This thing is just plain amazing. I will be walking along not paying attention, just like a normal person LOL then absentmindedly stumble. That would automatically mean with my other knee a drastic fall.

I don't want to JINX myself but I have recovered from every stumble. I can NOT figure out how the knee knows to go into the "HELP PAP" mode, but the damn thing does, and I have recovered from every stumble, and misstep.

You can see the whole thing here. Several different stages of bloom, and nibble.

Must be tasty even the green foliage part gets eaten. They don't eat it so bad that it stops growing and blooming.

A tiny nibble on a couple peddles.

This is what they look like after they get nibbled by the bugs.

They must taste pretty good too. They really tear em up pretty good.

Lots of bees out this morning. I am a little late starting this morning must have given them more time to get busy.

This one is a honey bee. I bet there were 30 or so of those bees on this bush this morning.

Look at his/her leg. You think he/she can make it back home carrying all the extra weight?

Check him/her out

Ok just got back from my morning stroll. I am doing very well with my new leg.

I can now keep up with a normal walk speed. I just can't go very damn far without stopping.

I went down 6 flights of stairs 10 times yesterday doing it just like you do, foot over foot. I rested each time and took the elevator back up to the top. But I did it and most of the time just as fast as you would do.

I am going to see another vascular guy here soon. He is a pioneer in cold laser vascular work. I have talked with him and I am defiantly a candidate for his work.

The neuropathy nerve stuff in my right foot is the only hold up.


And finally Breakfast...

In the little bowel is fat free pudding with a few slices of over ripe banana.

The cup on top left has a tart peach in it.


Baron's Life said...

I am so glad the leg is coming along and progress is being made.
Keep up the good work...now also glad to see you're taking up your hobby rather seriously...question: Can you still ride with the leg?

Pappy said...

I have my bike in ride able storage.

Once a month I fer her up and check for runs drip and errors.

I Do Miss riding. I road every day wind was less than 25 mph and no rain, temp over 40 or so. That was 350 days in 05 300 in 04. I do miss it.

Every now and again I ride it around the block. Or have a friend do it.

I haven't decide. I have some neuropithy in right foot. I would need to make a few changes on the bike. But quite possible.

It is risky, do I want to risk an add on injury?

Baron's Life said...

I believe you are wise not to take any chances....
I fully understand your nostalgia...BTW I enlarged your picture to have a better look at you and you seem to be a very kind soul. God Bless you bro and keep you safe always.
For we are all children of the universe.
Mind over matter and you will get stronger with time. Keep it positive always...!

chessie said...

Pappy, I missed this post...sorry...but I'm glad I didn't miss it forever...

1. WOW!!!! I'm impressed...I remember how disappointing and how very hard you worked with your old leg...I don't think you ever felt as secure and free with that one as I'm reading about here! I'm confident, that if things go well with the other foot...and you have the laser work done...that you and I will be cruising the highways once more side by side...

2. Yeah...the laser surgery...can you elaborate on this a bit more? Perhaps email me with the info?

Miss ya Pappy...