Thursday, August 6, 2009

Cat Grass

Plant in three or four inches of soft fertile wet room,temperature soil.

Cover with plastic and a lid or brown paper bag. Put in the spare bathroom, and Poof

A couple days later and you have this.

Four days to go, this is two days after planting.

The right conditions and it all happens pretty quick.

Three days to go...

Both of these are the same day. I took the plastic off for a few seconds to take the picture.

Two days to go... Looks pretty good already

Here a week after planting we have "Cat Grass" ready to go.

In with the new out with the old...

Here is the whole reason for the process...
An indoor Guard Cat

Hey dude don't bother me I am guarding the place.


Baron's Life said...

I like this and will try it...great
Have a look at this, you might like to see it
Enjoy as I know you will!

Pappy said...

Good one Baron... Thanks for the visit!

I can't remember where I got the seed. I had a mix of seeds first then I figured out that mine liked the winter wheat the best. You look around you will find what you need. It will only take a batch or 2 to figure out the the cat likes.

Here is a great link to start.

1 lbs last a long time. I fiddled around with several seed combos but this $3.45 1 pound bag has been the best. Pretty hardy winter wheat and the cat eats it couple times a day. The bag lasts a long time...

Home page

Here is another I have used it worked quite well too. 1 lb $3.99

I called the lady and got a combo bag the first time...

Anyway if you have an indoor cat, worth the time. Pap