Saturday, August 8, 2009

C-Leg update 3

I will ad a C-Leg update too here...

I took 1 hell of a tumble yesterday. First and only one I have had. I have been hustling around on this thing.
Anyway I was working on stairs. I have done several 1 and 2 step stairs 1 foot over the other, I was getting pretty cocky LOL anyway this was a seven stepper and NO guard rails. I will take pics next time I stop there.

Well I started on second from bottom did that a couple times and said to my self well hell knock it out.

I am on the top a foot or 2 from the right side the way I am looking at stairs, and off I step. I step with left foot land squarely on step and off with right foot to second step and left leg does not bend.... So the rest of the ride was kinda like a pole vault to the bottom. Right foot never got contact till step 5 or so and I am about parallel with Mother Earth.

Quite the crash.

With my old leg I always crashed on the mechanical knee. It is damn tough to say the least!! I have tested how tough it was several times.

So this was quite uncomfortable and scary.!!! No more step training without a rail.

I have been doing very well on grass and rock slopes.

Here is the leg in the battery charging mode. You can see a yellow and green light. When both lights are on as it is in picture the it is below 50%. Then as it fills up when the yellow light is flashing then it is over 50% full. The yellow get real weak in the flashing mode you know it is about full. Then when yellow light goes out it is full, and ready to go.

When the battery has 2 hrs of heavy work load left it give 3 beeps and a vibrate. When it gets to 1/2 hr it give 5 beeps and a vibrate. When it goes tits up it gives 10 beeps and a long vibrate .... then goes into safe mode. That is pretty damn stiff.

We set that when we were hooked to computer first time.

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