Sunday, July 19, 2009

Sunday's Thought...

After a hard day of Guarding, of course he has to take a nice long nap with his best buddy...

Hard at work "Guarding" the House. Notice the Neighborhood Watch decal... He reports all activity directly to me.

As you can see here he has 2 pots of grass in different levels of growth.

A Happy Cat keeps much better guard LOL

Here is "Cat Grass" 4 or 5 days after planting it. Cover the pot with a paper bag and put it in the guest bathroom cool and mostly dark. Boy oh boy does that grass bust out of the dirt pretty quick. The grass is a mixture of several types of grass, that are yummy to an indoor cat.

Romeo being an indoor "Guard Cat" needs his grass to help keep him regular. He loves it at any rate. I have 3 pot in some phase of the growth at most all of the time.

This is "Cat Grass" a day or so after it gets sun light....

This is "Cat Grass" ready to eat

Looking out the kitchen window as I am making coffee.

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