Thursday, July 9, 2009

2nd Amendment


Webster World said...

Ted said it right he did. I too believe in what he said.

Pappy said...

Thanks Web,
There is a vote next week on "Free Speech. Send a note to your rep and ask at least a vote up or down.

You know they will NOT vorte free speech down. However they may refuse to vote.

WE need a vote!!!

Thanks again for stopping by.

Representative Offices

Michigan, 13th
* Levin, Sander, Michigan, 12th
* McCotter, Thaddeus, Michigan, 11th
* Miller, Candice, Michigan, 10th
* Peters, Gary, Michigan, 9th
* Rogers, Mike, Michigan, 8th
* Schauer, Mark, Michigan, 7th
* Stupak, Bart, Michigan, 1st
* Upton, Fred, Michigan, 6th