Thursday, July 2, 2009

Obama Supports Dictators

From the Washington Post, the Obama administration has come down on the wrong side of the troubles in Honduras recently.

"President Obama said yesterday that the military ouster of Honduran President Manuel Zelaya was illegal and could set a "terrible precedent.."

The facts do not support Mr. Obama's statement.

As seen in the Miami Herald, the Army arrested President Manuel Zelaya, as he was making an unconstitutional power grab.

"His actions have been repudiated by the country's supreme court, its congress, its attorney-general, its chief human-rights advocate, all its major churches, its main business association, his own political party (which recently began debating an inquiry into Zelaya's sanity) and most Hondurans..."

The Army acted on the Supreme Court's orders - and there aren't many in Honduras who would disagree with what they did, morally OR legally.

Obama has joined with Castro and Chavez in condemning the act of the Honduran people - the act of defending their constitution. Although what Obama has said doesn't surprise me, I knew he was a raving leftist, but it does really piss me off.

As Mike points out - Obama didn't have much to say in support of the Iranian people courageously standing up to a despotic and brutal government.

He was pretty quick to condemn Hondurans for exercising their duty to uphold their constitution.

Charles Krauthammer :
Zelaya is acting to dismantle a democracy and establish a dictatorship.

Are you tired of the Presidential Disgraces yet? You tired of being embarrassed?

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