Sunday, July 19, 2009

"C" Leg Update...

Tuesday I was formally approved for a "C" Leg. A leg that is electronically assisted.

So the processes is started. Wed we put together a list of all the parts and got all the stuff on order.

There are several parts involved in putting the whole system together.

I get a new and different foot too. A better foot than I am now using in that it can handle "OffRoad" uneven terrain a tad better. I will get to that later.

So right away we got to building the upper socket. "Subie" called me Wed and ask could she borrow my upper. I love my current upper so I was reluctant to give it to her,


She had called a friend of hers in Lake Havasu AZ that has a machine that can make a 3 dimensional model of the inside of my upper. So I gave it up and she drove down there on Wed. She got the data model and then sent it, the data model, to another company that builds a foam model of it and a plastic mold of the foam form. Then "1 Day Air" the whole kit and caboodle back to Subie's office back in Vegas.

How cool is that!!

Then Thursday I am trying the plastic on checking fit.

Then Subie could see what adjustment she needed to do, to make me a perfect inner liner suction part of my new upper part.

You can see in this picture that Subie has drawn some marks on the hard plastic inner liner form.

Those marks indicate what she needs to do to the foam model of my leg to make a perfect new inner liner.

When I had it on and had pressure on it as if I were standing on it she could see that it fit a tad too well. She needs a tiny bit more room where the green mark is and she needs to extend it a little to insure the vent will work on the vacuum system, where the plug goes.

So Friday Subie is busy in her lab making the adjustments to the foam form.

In these two pictures you can see Subie has put some material on the foam form to make it harder,and then where she has made some adjustment to the form she made green material, added that to the form smoothed it down with all her gals toys.

You can see some of her gals toys in this one ...

After getting the whole thing ready, she will put the real material in an oven soften it.

The with a suction system pulls it over this model and forms it tight right up to this form, with a suction valve in it.

So she ain't dragging her feet. Damn I should have taken a picture of her. She was all dressed up in blue overalls to include little booties so as not to drag plaster all over the place after she is done.

Anyway we are getting after it and I will try to take several pictures as we get the parts in.


Baron's Life said...

First my apologies friend for not visiting some work, family and money issues had me going up and down ....
Second, I didn't know boud your case...please tell me know life is all about friendship and brotherhood...go ahead dump on me I wanna kn ow all about it and about I'm not gay...!!!! got a wife , kids and a just tell me about is it you ride?
are u diabetic?
where did you lose it?
if yopu don't want to tell me's OK I Understand too
FOr you Bud...God Bless you always...

Pappy said...

No on diabetic, actually pretty good health. Sugar count around 95 most every check cholesterol between 75 and 105 most every check. Weight not too bad. So it was a real shock. I had a blood clot. If I had gone to doc a day or 2 after it started to hurt they would have given me a plavix and I would still have my leg. But not ole Pap. I had a doc appointment on Mon anyway I will just wait till then. It was stuck so long (they call that occluded)that I had gangrene.

Baron's Life said...

OK clear...thanks for the heads up...keep aunt had the same thing and went on to live to the ripe old age of 96