Wednesday, July 29, 2009

C-Leg update

I got it and am wearing it as I type!! Yahoo what a difference!!

I will take some more pictures in better light today.

A quick eval...
Wow the socket really fits great!!! Subie nailed it. Love the patch in the fiber outer piece. "Live to Ride"

From Old to New

Initially walking I noticed it was heavier, noticeably heavier, however I will get used to that pretty quickly. This new foot is amazingly better that the one I had before. This foot has bunches more movement available, I can't yet describe the difference but suffice it to say WOW what a difference. I do need to be very careful backing up, not sure why yet but the knee only knows going forward so the weight changes indicate to the bionics and actuator to bend and bend at (such and such rate) thinking I am going forward, but I am going backwards. Any way it can make a real Yahoo, so I gotta be careful till I figure these little things out.

It is really neat sitting down. We actually set that up with computer. OK he is setting down... then computer ask ... hey Pap how was that? I say be better if it was a bit stiffer. ... Subie sets stiffer, I sit and computer again ask how was that , and so on.

So we went thru all that, in walk mode too. I am out and about testing and will call Subie this morning about getting to physical therapy. She will bring the computer, and hopefully my little mode changer. We will probably make some changes to mode #1. Then set mode #2. There will also be another amputee there and he has the "C-Leg" also, so he will be there to help me figure where and how to set my modes.

All of these settings are done with a software named C-Soft, and you gotta have an ID # and password to get in then I am patient name and # so and so, then we have Pap1 , Pap2 and Pap safe modes. When they are set if ever I want to change anything I must make appointment with a "Cert, C-Soft person".

I will have a 1-800- # to call if I am out of town so if I am out of town and get locked into safe mode, I cand go toa place and get Pap#1,2, put back into bionics brain.

Well here it is...

The light in this room is kinda off yellow a tad.

Here you can see both sides of the actuator housing. Little fuzzy on that 1 side.

The "Bionic Link" you see is plugged into the little computer in the leg. What we did right after these pictures was set the settings for the bionics in the leg. I put it on and walked, and the link told computer how much pressure I put on the leg and the computer set the knee action for me and my weight and normal speed. Also set it up for me to sit and use this knee.

After all the settings are set, I took it of and we unplugged the Bionic Link. Setting for Settings #1 are in the knee. We did not get the actuator to change the settings did not come in the leg box, so Subie called and is getting it sent.

I don't know why no one noticed that an important piece that allows me to change the setting was missing.


chessie said...

Pappy! How Fricken cool? Who woulda thought back when Steve what's his name played the bionic man...that we would actually have devices that simplified the lives of Amputees?

Can't tell ya how exciting it is to read your happiness in this blog!

Pappy said...

Well I've had it a day now it is pretty cool.

Heavy tho whew back is sore this morning. I am headed to park here in a few mins.

The leg has saved several whooooh situations so far.

I don't know how it figures out but it is cool.

My phys therapy is 18 Aug, I may have to go get and adjustment before that . This thing likes the downhill a tad better than I do LOL.

I wish I could have the software and the Bionic link.

My neighbor is leaving for Sturgis Sun. Wish I was packing.