Tuesday, October 20, 2009

The looting continues to this day.

As if we needed any more evidence that the objective of Comrade Obama's healthcare blitz is to absorb the industry into the federal blob, here's another top Demonrat — Secretary of Health and Human Services Kathleen Sibelius, aka the Abortion Queen — admitting that she is "all for a single-payer system … eventually."

They may not be able to impose the single-payer system immediately for the same reason they have to call it by euphemisms instead of its proper name: nationalization. Virtually no one wants the government to seize control of the entire health insurance industry. But the will of the people is unlikely to stop our liberal rulers; at best it will slow them down a little, causing them to crawl with their bellies even closer to the ground as they slither up surreptitiously on what's left of our liberty, taking over one industry at a time like a snake devouring a nest full of eggs.

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chessie said...

Pappy, I'm gonna get started now. You know, my mom bleeds internally. She needs to have procrit once a week. The shot costs just around 800.00 bucks. She is on Medi-Care with Tri-Care for Life. Two months ago, her iron was very low. Doc made her take Iron drips once a week for eight weeks.

Medi-Care wouldn't pay for the Procrit shots while she was on the Iron Drip. Eight weeks without a shot put her blood oxy. levels at a very dangerous level. She hovered just one tenth of a point above where Medi-Care would let her get a blood infusion. She could not walk from her bedroom to the kitchen without being out of breath and weak from exhaustion. Medi-Care kept her at a level with her blood oxygenation and blood reproduction levels, that while not dead...she wished she was...it would have been less frustrating.
Her Kidney doctor said today "think how bad it's going to get when all America is on a government paid health plan."
The Government would have my mom murdered by the medical community, because THEY THINK AT HER AGE, SHE SHOULD JUST ROLL OVER AND DIE! Rather than use the resources of the government. How sucky is this?