Friday, October 9, 2009

Change ....

Obama Money


Sat I made the Breast Cancer walk, I did 5 K's took a good while LOL but I made it!!!

After this I went back to Bike week for a BBQ.

Oh I got a "T" shirt, too small, and a Tote Bag. I fixed the handle on the tote bag so it would go over my shoulder, so I will use it when I go get Veggies. ;>)


chessie said...

EXCELLENT Pappy! 5K walk? Most excellent indeed. No after effects? Luv the new leg? How cool is this? Do you think you would of been able to complete the commitment if you still had the "other" leg?

Your my hero Pappy...(but then you have been since '05)

Pappy said...

Yea I think I could do 5 K with the other leg.

This new leg and Foot don't forget give other advantages. I can go down steps foot over foot. Stumble recovery. That is a real big one. The park with the steep hill I tend to stumble on this one portion, This leg? How it knows it is a stumble hell if I know but I recover every time. Sometimes I will get a cramp when I stumble recover but I recover. That is always better than a fall. The new foot ankle movement left right fore aft gives me the capability to go in uneven terrain. This other park I go to often, where I get the dog pics, there are several little hills and slopes that if I get off the sidewalk I could not do before, now I swoop right thru those places if I want to. This leg is actually noticeably heavier so I need to stop a tad more in long distance.

There is NOT a better cause than Boobs to walk. I love em ALL big and small.

There is another one at "The Fashion Show Mall" I will try do
also. .

Thanks for stopping by. Glad to see you back on the road. Love to ride in VA I lived there many years. Fall in the Shenandoah Valley is the prettiest ride in America.