Tuesday, July 20, 2010

73,000 Blogs Shut Down by Whom and Why?

Obamunism is getting scary for those of us who rely on the Internet for information. After 73,000 blogs were closed down by Big Government, supposedly for copyright violations, we learn that the actual reason for the shutdown is unknown, as is the identity of the government agency imposing it.

Blogetery.com, a little-known WordPress platform used by more than 70,000 blogs, was shut down by its Web hosting company more than a week ago and nobody seems willing to say why or who is responsible.

BurstNet, the Web-hosting company, informed Blogetery's operator that service was terminated at the request of some law enforcement agency but wouldn't say which one. As for the reason, BurstNet hasn't made that clear either. In an e-mail to Blogetery's operator, BurstNet managers did say that they had little choice but to terminate service.

You Might be NEXT


Longhaired Conservative said...

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Webster World said...

Down right scary. Lock and load!

Pappy said...

Mindnumb, I see you got a few farms down close to the boarder that are haveing a few prblems.



Pappy said...

Already Loaded there Web