Tuesday, February 9, 2010

'Total Whitewash'

Penn State Probe into Mann's Wrongdoing a 'Total Whitewash'

The lies, the misrepresentations, the Nobel Peace Prizes, and the billions of dollars spent will soon be reminders of a hoax perpetrated on the world by a bunch of snake oil salesmen who only wanted to make a buck.

Al Gore and his followers beat the drum for man-made global warming and often claimed that the science was settled but it is more unsettled than ever now that the movement has been exposed. It is a hoax. It is a lie. It is not true.

Global Warming

So the foxes investigated another fox and found him not guilty of raiding the henhouse.

In other news water is still wet and the sun still comes up in the east.

The fabric had a loose thread and someone pulled at it. Suddenly the entire thing started coming apart.

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