Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Peeling Potates

OK There is a basket with 10 lbs of potatoes. I normally get a mix of medium Reds and the Yukon Gold’s. The test said Idaho’s so here we go.

I washed 9 mid sized, and put the score around the middle of them and started the boil. I set the clock for 15 minutes after the boil started.

Then I scooped 1 out at a time and as you can see in the picture the skin slid right off. A couple of them were a little cantankerous. If I had a hard time or it took more than a few seconds to get the skin off I just put that one back in the ice for a few seconds and then the skin came off.

It seems you only have a few seconds to get the skin off after it comes out of the ice bath. But if you put it back in the bath for a few seconds it works.

15 minutes for those potatoes was not quite enough for a full cook, like a backed potato or what you would make mashed potato out of.

All in all it worked pretty well. I will do it with Reds and Yukon Gold’s next time.

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