Thursday, April 29, 2010

San Francisco Values Revisited

The City of San Francisco is barring its employees from traveling to Arizona because the thought that the state would compel illegal aliens to conform themselves to laws duly enacted by the people's legislature horrified their sense of propriety.

Whereas San Francisco progressives view themselves as the epitome of moral values and civic virtues and feel that their self-righteousness entitles them to impose their values nationwide.

Let's have a quick recap of what those San Francisco values actually are, shall we?

Shielding Illegal Immigrant Drug Dealers from Prosecution

Shielding Illegal Aliens Who Slaughter American Families from Prosecution

Allowing Illegal Aliens to Drive Without Licenses

Banning Military Recruiters from high schools

Banning Junior ROTC from High Schools

Banning citizens from owning guns for self-defense

Using taxpayer dollars to pay for sex changes

Banning the Navy's Blue Angels from performing

Voting on a proposal to rename a sewage plant for George W. Bush

Lesbian schoolteachers taking their classes to their weddings for field trips

Dressing Toddlers in S&M Outfits and Parading Them at a Public Sex Orgy

Providing Taxpayer Funding to Support an Open Air Sex Orgy

Mayor Bangs His Aide's Wife and Admits to a Substance Abuse Problem; Re-Elected Easily

Evicting a Business Owner Because Enron Paid for the 9-11 Attacks (Really)

Code Pink

We should all bow down before such awesome moral superiority, shouldn't we?

by Gregory of Yardale

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