Wednesday, March 3, 2010


James O'Keefe and Hannah Giles exposed ACORN offices across the nation as corrupt, willing facilitators of child trafficking and prostitution. The bad news: justice was not served in the Brooklyn ACORN case.

Brooklyn prosecutors on Monday cleared ACORN of criminal wrongdoing after a four-month probe that began when undercover conservative activists filmed workers giving what appeared to be illegal advice on how to hide money.

"On Sept. 15, 2009, my office began an investigation into possible criminality on the part of three ACORN employees," Brooklyn District Attorney Charles Hynes said in a one-paragraph statement issued Monday afternoon. "That investigation is now concluded and no criminality has been found."

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liked the last one
... he/she will love this one.

ACORN owns President Obama, we already knew that. Just how many corrupt prosecutors and judges do they also own, who will similarly drop charges and dismiss cases that threaten ACORN in other jurisdictions?

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motoroz said...

Unbelievable! No wrongdoing?? What does it take to be wrongdoing?