Friday, September 4, 2009

Friday Ods n Ends

The other day I was walking at this park and the guy that takes care of the park was mowing. He stopped to say hi, I walk here often, and he always ask how is the park. So I told him about a couple trees with very mean barbed and needled limbs were encroaching on the sidewalk. As luck would have it several times I would meet oncoming traffic as I passed this one tree. That is how I learned of the needles.

Trees Bleed Too

Well he didn't fiddle around,I will thank him next time I see him.

Another I like is this purple one. Almost all the parks around here has this bush. There are some times you want to give this plant pretty good birth of space. The bees love this one too, and sometimes there are many many bees.

Then they go to seed and the whole process last a couple 3 months.

One of my favorite at this park. As you will see in a couple phases of growth.

He didn't seem to mind I was walking by.

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